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Spring Semester Impact Report: 3rd & Goal Peer 2 Peer Sponsorship Program

Below is our impact report* for the second semester of the 2021-2022 academic year for the 3rd & Goal Peer 2 Peer Sponsorship Program at The Ohio State University.

  • Peer Sponsors directly assisted 383 military-connected students this semester.

  • Peer Sponsors handled information requests including 293 GI Bill certifications, 19 transition issues, 22 Admissions inquiries, 27 Federal Transition Assistance requests, 17 Ohio National Guard Scholarship applications, 9 Academic Advising sessions, 2 Ohio War Orphan applications, 3 Student Health Center referrals, 1 VA Vet Success on Campus Counselor referrals, and 1 Housing request.

  • Peer Sponsors continued their weekly conversations with the 54 assigned new veteran students requiring transition assistance.

  • The Peer Sponsor mission remains the same...connecting student veterans to the right resource at the right time. Our Vets Lounge remained open, and our Peer Sponsors hosted several in-person events throughout the semester including two “signature events”, a FAFSA workshop hosting a guest speaker from Student Financial Aid, and a pre-finals Reading Day luncheon. The Peers also sponsored a sleep and wellness workshop, soap making event, and an off-campus event where students networked while making their own candles.

Peer Sponsor Zaid writes: “I was able to assist an Air Force veteran. We share the same major and I connected him to other veterans in our college. I signed him up for access to the Veterans Lounge and explained how to look for events on campus specifically for service-connected students. On top of this, we were able to become friends outside of class and work on group assignments together.

Peer Sponsor Liz reported: “I had a student come in that was going to run out of GI Bill benefits before he finished school. Since he had a disability rating of 70%, I recommended he contact the VA about applying for Vocational Rehabilitation. I gave him the contacts for the VA representatives to get started and explained how the process has worked for me so far. He seemed happy to know that he may have another way to finish his degree when he runs out of GI Bill benefits.”

Peer Sponsor Jael shared: “One student in my peer group often responded to the information I was sending out. He asked questions about getting his benefits certified. I got to talk to him as I was working in the office and lead him in the right direction and ensured him that his paperwork was in order. He especially liked that what I shared on black military history during Black History Month.”

Lead Peer Sponsor Janie writes: “A student who lived in Dayton came into the office and chatted with me about how to start their GI bill, what OSU is like, my student perspective, housing, etc. He was telling me that he was going to commute every day from Dayton to Columbus and asked my opinion on this. I shared my experience with commuting from a long distance and how hard it personally was. I recommended that he try to find a place to live in Columbus if he could and provided the number of the apartment complex where I currently live. He ended up touring the complex and loved it, and ultimately decided to move in. He followed up with me and told me he is so glad he moved and is loving his new place.”

*Impact numbers provided by The Ohio State University.


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