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Adopt a Hero 2019

For many years, the 3rd & Goal Foundation has always assisted veterans and their families who are in need during the holiday season. This year was no different in regards to once again helping to provide a magical holiday for our heroes, but what was different was the impact that we were able to make.

In 2019, we had 32 families in our Adopt a Hero initiative. The 3rd & Goal Foundation was proud to be able to serve more veterans than ever before. We worked closely with social workers and veteran-only facilities in Columbus, OH to be able to identify the veterans and their families that needed our support. After we made our lists, it was apparent more than 70% of our families this year are homeless or in transitional housing. Furthermore, it was clear without our help all of the families would not be able to have the Christmas they deserved.

Many people asked us this year, what are they asking for? It's important to note the items that were on their lists weren't things like fancy electronics. The most requested item this year was tennis shoes followed by coats, socks, gloves and hats respectively. The things the children were asking for were very similar with items like paper, crayons, books, dolls and toy cars added to it. Our foundation made sure all the children had shoes, coats, 3-4 outfits, pajamas, and 3-4 gifts to open on Christmas morning.

This year 3rd & Goal didn't stop with helping our 32 families that included 28 children, we did more. In addition, our foundation provided an estimated amount of 50 winter hats, gloves and coats to veterans in local shelters. We even incorporated thank you notes made by children in the wrapping of those items.

It wasn't a task we completed on our own, it took us all. Bowmar Nutrition for the second year in a row provided the financial support for this outreach. In addition, Dublin City Schools helped by holding toy drives to collect toys for our families. They also collected coats, wrapping paper, socks and gloves. Lastly, our families and friends. Behind the scenes they were wrapping gifts, sorting donations, taking out trash and providing financial support when our budget was already allocated and we felt we needed to help just one more family.

Team 3&G, we did it. You made a difference for our veterans when they needed it the most. Without people like you, we could not do what we do. We love making a difference in the lives of veterans in need.


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