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Record Year for Adopt a Hero 2020

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

For many years, the 3rd & Goal Foundation has always assisted veterans and their families who are in need during the holiday season. This year was no different in regards to once again helping to provide a magical holiday for our heroes, but what was different was the record breaking impact that we were able to make.

In 2020, we had 259 individuals in our Adopt a Hero initiative which is part of the Operation Joy pillar of our mission. Every single person in our program this year was either homeless or formerly homeless. We worked closely with social workers in Ohio to be able to identify the veterans and their families that needed our support. Due to the global pandemic the need was much greater than in years past, but our foundation is proud that we were able to find a way and accept every family that was submitted to us.

Out of the 259 individuals impacted, 50 of those were homeless veterans at the local veteran-only homeless shetler. Every veteran at the facility had the opportunity to come in one at a time to a complimentary shop, "The 3rd & Goal Store''. This helped the veterans feel involved in the process of accepting assistance. They were able to shop for a new winter coat, sweatshirt, polo, socks and hat. They also each received a stocking filled with essentials and a food coupon. Not only that, but if the veterans were in need of work boots for their job, they were able to pick out a pair of new boots too.

Furthermore, out of the 259 individuals impacted, 113 of those individuals were the veterans and their families that were part of our giving tree. Every family received several outfits, toys, shoes, pajamas, wrapping paper and hygiene products. Many families also received food, blankets, cleaning supplies and winter coats.

Lastly, 96 formerly homeless veterans were impacted in our Adopt a Hero program. All received dinner, masks, toilet paper, socks and hygiene products. In addition, the veterans who needed shoes at this facility all received a pair of new athletic shoes.

The 3rd & Goal Foundation was proud to be able to serve more veterans than ever before, but this was not something we could have accomplished on our own. We are truly thankful for the support of our community and everyone who made this possible. Special thank you to The Columbus Foundation, Bowmar Nutrition, OhioHealth, Jimmy Bowes, Rocky Brands, BlastOne, Roosters, Laura Chapman, Dublin City Schools and BB Fantasy of Lights. We are also so thankful to our delivery and wrapping volunteers especially Donna, Noreen, Chris and Brennan. Last but not least, when we needed to take on just a couple more families and our budget was depleted, thank you to Haven Collective, Todd Rosen, The Cox Family, The Lim Family, and The Von Derau Family for stepping up to allow us to do so.

Team 3&G, we did it. When our veterans needed us the most we came together and truly made a difference in the lives of veterans in need for Adopt a Hero 2020.


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