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Veteran Travis Brill Will Receive New HVAC Unit

In collaboration with Cort Essig and Carr Supply, Travis Brill will be receiving a HVAC unit for his new home in 2016. Travis is a medically retired Marine who deployed in 1993 with Lima Co 3rd Battalion 25th Marine Regiment – Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) to Afghanistan.

He was deployed as the Company Headquarters Platoon Sergeant in 2005 and was responsible for ensuring the Combat Out Posts (COPs). Shortly after his arrival, his battalion experienced some of the most brutal fighting within that region to date. Travis was a part of the group of heroes that covered some 150,000 square miles, participated in excess of 1050 combat missions within the course of 210 days of a 240 day deployment. Encountering 210 IED, they were mortared and rocketed in excess of 80 times, and were engaged in over 80 separate direct enemy attacks. He was awarded the Navy Commendation Medal with Battle Device for Valor and returned home meeting his daughter for the first time.

In spite of the risks, Travis returned to the battlefield in 2010 to serve as Company Headquarters Platoon Sergeant. During a routine rotation out to Combat Out Posts, Travis was assisting several Marines in the improvement of the outpost’s defenses when he was injured. He is currently medically retired.


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