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Operation Home “Touchdown” in Columbus, OH

The Operation Home “Touchdown” in Columbus, OH is officially complete for our Navy veteran!

On July 1st our foundation received a request via the website from a hospice social worker. She explained that her 80 year old patient was in the Navy and was currently battling pulmonary fibrosis. They were having difficulties finding an organization that could install a wheelchair ramp for this veteran in need. The quickest she could find was having one installed in approximately 6 months and they unfortunately needed one immediately.

Our foundation reached back out to the social worker the very same day to get to work on this project right away. We were able to get our “Touchdown” application completed and the ramp all finished within a week.

The family is very thankful that they will now be able to leave their house easily to enjoy life together while he is under hospice care. It was challenging for the veteran who felt confined to his house while being in his wheelchair, but he is now looking forward to going out to eat with his wife and going for drives around town.

We appreciate the support of all our donors and friends who make it possible for us to help veterans in need during times when they need it the most.


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