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"Touchdown" in Ohio

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

Can you imagine having a new baby with complications, medical surgeries, deployment to Kuwait, and financial burdens all at the same time? What about adding to that you find out the foundation of your house is caving in at a dangerous speed leaving your house with walls collapsing, water damage, and rodents? This is exactly what these high school sweethearts who have been married for three years in Cincinnati, OH experienced. The 3rd & Goal Foundation was ready to help.

Craig joined the National Guard when he was a senior in college following in the steps of his three brothers before him who had served in the military. While in the military, he has been promoted to Sergeant within 2 years. He also received 2 army achievement medals and a coin from a 2-star Major General. He received the coin for going above and beyond in his supply/CBRN section in the 216th Engineers.

The National Guard allowed him the opportunity to get his master's degree to better position himself for his future. After working with a major construction company, Craig decided to go into business with his brother-in-law. They decided to make a safety consulting company along with a specialty software tracking system.

A year into the new business, Craig was transferred units for the third time. This time, his wife was over 30 weeks pregnant and they learned Craig was going to be deployed to Kuwait.

On August 3rd, Craig and his wife were blessed with a little girl. Just a few weeks later Craig was deployed leaving his wife who was recovering from surgery and his daughter who was experiencing medical complications. The family was just starting to adjust to their new normal when the issues with their home were found. After being connected to our foundation through the Family Assistance Center, 3rd & Goal was ready to grant a "Touchdown" to this deserving family.

Project Updates:

6.26.19 Construction Begins

6.27.19 - 6.28.19 Project Progress & Foundation Completion


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