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Autumn Semester Impact Report: 3rd & Goal Peer 2 Peer Sponsorship Program

Below is our impact report* for the first semester of the 2021-2022 academic year for the 3rd & Goal Peer 2 Peer Sponsorship Program. Despite the challenges of Covid-19, the program was still able to make a great impact for these student veterans.

  • Peer Sponsors directly assisted 537 military-connected students this semester.

  • Peer Sponsors served veteran students with 537 requests including 371 GI Bill certifications, 52 transition issues, 41Admissions inquiries, 18 Federal Transition Assistance requests, 16 Ohio National Guard Scholarship applications, 12 Academic Advising sessions, 11 Ohio War Orphan applications, 6 Student Health Center referrals, 4 VA Vet Success on Campus Counselor referrals, 3 Housing requests, and 1 each request for Tutoring, Employment, and Student Organizations.

  • Peer Sponsors continued their weekly conversations with the 308 assigned new veteran students requiring transition assistance.

  • Our Vets Lounge officially re-opened and hosted several in-person events throughout the semester including Halloween Pumpkin decorating, a Student Financial Aid FAFSA workshop, and Holiday Gingerbread decorating. Additionally, our Peer Sponsors hosted 4 “Welcome Back to Campus” events, a veteran student adventure event at PLAY CBUS, a social at the Varsity Club, and a pre-finals Reading Day luncheon.

  • Peer Sponsors averaged 30 hours per week.

Peer Sponsor Kyle reported: “Early in the spring, a veteran student contacted me about the university’s aviation degree program and flight training. The student was clearly frustrated with all the barriers to his dream career including the VA’s limited selection of veteran approved flight schools. Over the next few days and weeks, I shared with him my personal story of using education benefits which covers the entirety of my flight program, and successfully enrolled him in a program that fit his needs."

Peer Sponsor Janie reported: “One student that I feel that I impacted this semester was a fellow Air National Guardsman. He came to me very confused about how his classes and the GI Bill worked and was so worried about not being able to figure this information out in time. I explained what he should expect from his classes, gave him study tips, and explained in detail how the GI Bill works. I shared my personal experiences with using the GI Bill and how to fix any issues he might come across. He reached out mid-semester to tell me that he followed my advice, and his classes and GI Bill benefits were going smoothly. He was very thankful and significantly less stressed.”

Peer Sponsor Liz reported: “I helped a disabled veteran student navigate parking around campus to find the best spots to park for class with minimal walking required. I also assisted several students transitioning to Ohio State in finding housing resources. Finding affordable housing around campus can be challenging with all the luxury apartments being built, but I

helped them understand their options for housing and commuting so they could find an apartment that works for them.”

*Impact numbers provided by The Ohio State University.


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