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95 Student-Veterans Impacted at University of Cincinnati

The University of Cincinnati’s 3rd & Goal Foundation Veteran Mentor Program served 97 student veterans during the Fall 2022 Academic Term and 95 during the Spring 2023 Academic Term.

Our Mentors primary focus during the 2022-2023 Academic Year was to ensure student’s newly enrolled in our Uptown Campus, regardless of academic standing, received guidance and assistance to meet whatever need they had. We also focused on trying to integrate them into the community by inviting them to events around campus as spectators and or participants. Our mentors consisted of sophomore and junior year students whose majors included Criminal Justice, Engineering and Social Work.

Mentors logged 345 contact hours for both the Fall and Spring terms for a total of 690 contact hours for the year.

During the Fall 2022 Term, the most pressing issues mentees requested assistance with were:

1. Understanding their V.A. educational and disability benefits

2. Finding tutoring resources

3. Referral to Mental Health Services on and off campus

4. Assistance with understanding the academic advisory role and class approval

However, the nature of the contacts changed during Spring 2023 as mentors reported that their mentees had become acclimated to main campus, was more familiar with available campus resources and had established social connections to help them navigate campus life. As such, the nature of most of their contact switched from assisting student veterans with finding resources to contacting them just to check in and to keep them informed of upcoming events and programs for student veterans. Transitioning into the Spring term, our mentors’ ensured mentees were identified for priority registration and assisted those overlooked into being added to the priority registration roster. In addition, they encouraged their mentees to get registered as soon as possible for their Fall 2023 classes and to submit their certification paperwork early so that they were all set to go upon returning to campus in the fall.

Guest blog post: Gregory L. Roberson, Ed.D Veterans Program and Services Coordinator


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