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2016 Newsletter

Touchdown US Army Combat

This year began with 3&G provided it’s first “Touchdown” US Army Combat Veteran David Lewis. Mr. Lewis was deployed to Iraq in April of 2003. On August 17th 2004, his life would change forever. While on patrol, Mr. Lewis’s vehicle was hit by an IED. David still deals with the effects from the event and was eventually medically discharged from the Army in 2007 for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). The Lewis family suffered water damage in their home this past winter. 3&G was able to help provide Mr. Lewis with the materials necessary to make repairs. The Lewis family is now in much better shape, so David, his wife and four children can now safely get around their home.

Honor Flight

In March this year, 3&G partnered with Grizzle Middle School and Honor Flight to help send WWII Veterans to visit Arlington National Cemetery, their respective war memorials, and other military sites in Washington D.C. These trips are extremely powerful as many of the veterans have never visited their memorials in D.C. The Veterans are taken on an all expense paid trip and 3&G was able to help by donating $5000 to the cause! Grizzell Middle School was able to reach and exceed their goal of $25000!

Wells Fargo

3&G proudly received a grant through Wells Fargo Bank to start a pilot program for personal finance for veterans at risk of becoming homeless. The idea is to create a curriculum that helps Veterans understand how to better budget their earnings from their service and resources provided through government organizations. Veterans represent a surprising high percentage of the homeless population in any given city. We have teamed up with the Robert L. Miller Sr. Veteran’s Center in South Bend, IN and the best the University of Notre Dame has to offer in Personal Finance with Professor Carl Ackermann. The Program is titled, “Dollars and Sense” and will be based off curriculum that the participants help to create. We believe it is important to address the issues that those veterans are dealing with on a daily basis and try to help provide them with the tools and resources necessary to maintain sound financial health. Well will meet with this group once a week throughout the summer and then continue to follow their progress over the course of the next year. For those veterans that successfully implement the tools from our program will receive a financial incentive. More updates to come as the program continues!

PC David

SPC David Folson an Ohio native had an emergency situation with his son Malachi, while he was stationed in Berlin. 3&G was able to quickly help SPC Folson get a flight home to be with his son during this critical time for his family.


SSG Brandon Robb was wounded during his service in Afghanistan. His wife flew to Bethesda, MD where SSG Robb was receiving treatment for multiple injuries. 3&G was able to split the costs with the USO of Central Ohio for Mrs. Robb to be with her husband during this trying time. We will continue to assist SSG Robb with whatever needs he may have in the future.

Keep on the look out for updates to next year’s golf events and other projects 3&G is working on!


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