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Spring Semester Impact Report: 3rd & Goal Peer 2 Peer Sponsorship Program

Spring Semester Impact Report: 3rd & Goal Peer 2 Peer Sponsorship Program.

Below is our impact report* for the spring semester 2023-2024 academic year for the 3rd & Goal Peer 2 Peer Sponsorship Program at The Ohio State University.

  • Six Peer Sponsors served the entirety of the semester.

  • Peer Sponsors connected with their 62 assigned new Veteran students and eased their transitions in every area from orientation through academic success.

  • Peers served military-connected students with 275 phone calls, 74 in-person drop-ins, and 1 email inquiry in addition to the weekly emails that are sent to the new veteran students.

  • Based on initial intake, Peers aided military students regarding 239 transition issues/GI Bill certifications, 6 other education benefit questions, 50 residency concerns, 20 Veterans Success on Campus Counselor questions, 15 academic advising conversations, 2 mental and physical health referrals, 9 admissions inquiries, and 9 other transition requests.

  • Peers also assisted in numerous programs including an orientation briefing and social mixer for new military-connected students, the second of two FAFSA Workshops, a family-friendly military community mixer, a group fitness class, candle making and conversation with Counseling and Consultation Services, and a military-community luncheon the day before finals which 30 people attended.

We strive for personal connections between our Peers and the new Veteran students they serve. One Peer Sponsor recounted: “I was able to help a specific student by spending over an hour and a half going over various educational benefits that he was entitled to as a disabled veteran; in addition to spending another half hour going over maps of the area surrounding OSU. We chatted about what areas were good to live in and what areas had extra benefits such as bus routes, closeness to school and late-night restaurant options.”

Another Peer Sponsor shared: “One student, came to the office in need of housing advice. We ended up talking for over an hour and I gave her many recommendations as well as resources on and off campus to take advantage of since she was new to the area. By relating our experiences in the Army, we were able to bond over going back to college at an older age. Building connections within the veteran community can create a strong support network that can be incredibly valuable at OSU and having a place like the MVS office and Veterans Lounge gives students those opportunities to meet a peer and have a familiar face around campus.”

Lastly, a Peer Sponsor reported: “As a new student veteran confided in me that he wanted to get more involved on campus and explore the opportunities that Ohio State provides to truly get the ‘college experience’. We spoke many times and I provided him different avenues of interest. I also introduced him to other students on campus and that allowed him to get more involved as a student other student organizations.”

*Impact numbers provided by The Ohio State University.


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