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How Can We Help?

Times are tough. Times are uncertain. Times are scary.

Here at the 3rd & Goal Foundation as soon as the COVID-19 pandemic began our first thought was, what does this mean for our veterans in need? We instantly started to connect on the phone and via email with veteran organizations around the Columbus area. While communicating, we always asked, how can we help?

It became apparent to us that there was a great need for meals at the local veterans homeless shelter. For starters, one of their chefs became ill and volunteer groups were no longer able to help. In addition, because of social distancing guidelines the veterans were no longer able to eat together or interact, so they were in desperate need for a morale boost.

We committed to providing over 200 meals at the homeless shelter. When it came to deciding what to provide them, we knew right away we wanted to be able to support local restaurant businesses that have always supported us. We placed orders with our friends at City Barbeque, Roosters, and CRMD. Once we started placing orders, some of our supporters like Tansky Toyota reached out to us saying they wanted to help deliver. That is exactly what Team 3&G is all about.

With every delivery to the homeless shelter, when we arrived there was excitement. The program director at the shelter said, "I wanted to tell you that the veterans absolutely LOVED their dinner last night. The smiles on their faces could light up the earth! It was truly wonderful! Thank you so much!"

Furthermore, we were also reminded that even when things are tough and uncertain it’s critical to show our heroes in need that we are still here to help. A simple thank you, a smile, and a warm meal can provide hope to those who need it most. That is exactly what Operation Joy is all about.


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