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3rd & Goal Foundation Granted a Touchdown to Army Sgt. Shane Parsons

Recently, the 3rd and Goal Foundation granted a “Touchdown” to Army Sgt. Shane Parsons. Below is Shane’s story.

Six years ago, Army Sgt. Shane Parsons, while preventing anti-coalition forces from attacking our troops in Rhamadi, Iraq, had his convey attacked by an EFP. He was driving the lead Humvee on that mission.

Shane sustained catastrophic injuries. His gunner lost a leg with injuries to his arm. After suffering multiple cardiac arrests, Shane sustained bilateral above knee amputations as well as a severe brain injury. He was medivac from Bagdad CASH to Landsthul, Germany to be stabilized. Several days later, he was transferred to Walter Reed Army Medical Center where he remained for months to fight for his life. Added to his diagnosis is PTSD. He didn’t know anyone when he woke up and began to relearn everything all over again!

Shane participated in rehabilitation for years including Speech, Occupational, Physical Therapy with the Army in D.C, to Minneapolis, MN, then BAMC in San Antonio, TX, then one year at a Brain Assisted Living Independence home. He requested to move home 1 and 1/2 years ago. The Wounded Warrior Project has stepped up and currently pays an Adult Disability Literacy Tutor weekly for Shane to continue to learn!

In the last 6 years, Shane has improved in many ways. To begin with, his first time skiing at the Veterans Disabled Sports Clinic right after the doctors deemed him as an outpatient, he achieved the Novice Ski Award in March 2007. He joined the first all Wounded Warriors Sled Hockey traveling team, called the Sled Rampage for 3 yrs during his rehab in Texas! He has participated in several hand cycle marathons including one for 150 miles in two days from San Antonio, TX to Corpus Christi, TX. Shane enjoys hunting, fishing, kayaking, swimming, water skiing and snow skiing, target shooting and meeting and spending time with other wounded warriors. Shane is motivated and has spoken at several events including the Texas Brian Injury Association in Austin, TX and locally (Ohio).

In the past year, Shane was accepted in the Wounded Warrior Project Independence Program where they hired a job coach to overcome his barriers and reach his goal of becoming an Assistant Coach for St. Wendelin Junior High Football team. With the assistance of CJ Potter (Tiffin University Counselor Masters’ major), Shane has his CPR certification and completed and passed the Ohio Coaching module for student coaching. Shane’s team ended the season with a 4-3 record!

Shane’s mother, Cindy, left her career as RN and also left their home to be at Shane’s side for years. During that time, the Parsons lost their home to water/mold damage. Since then, their home has been replaced, to include handicap accessibility, except for several exceptions: Shane needed a safety exit out of his room at his end of the Parsons’ home. The door exiting lead to a small deck with no ground exit.

Shane’s wish was to have the deck extended to end of the house/garage with a ramp to the backyard along with a sidewalk from the ramp along back of garage to the driveway. This is because if there would be an emergency, Shane would have to pull himself over the deck rail and fall onto the ground then crawl through bushes/plants to backyard just to reach safety or get help. Then he would have to crawl onto the grass to the driveway!

This Holiday Season, 3rd and Goal was proud to complete Shane’s requested upgrades. We are proud of Shane, and his dedicated mother Cindy, for displaying leadership and commitment to our Country. Army Sgt. Parsons is truly an INSPIRATION to us all.

Shane has taught countless individuals, including the kids he coaches, the value of perseverance and never giving up! Thank you once again Shane and Cindy Parsons, for helping make our Country the best country in the world! We are Blessed to have you as examples for us all!


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