3rd & Goal Veterans Home Aid | Why 3rd & Goal
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Why 3rd & Goal

“What’s in a name?”

by Brady Quinn

I have been blessed to play for some of the most brilliant coaches through out my career in college and the NFL. Their emphasis on situational football is one of the many things that separates them from the rest. In particular, 3rd & Goal.  This situation is typically overlooked by the average fan. The difference between a team coming away with a Touchdown verses a Field Goal is a four point swing that many times determines the outcome of a game.  These coaches would have a strategic package on both sides of the football,  to handle all types of situations and scenarios in order to help their players best succeed.  Given how much the game of football has taught me, I felt it was only  appropriate to incorporate these same ideals into helping those who serve our great country. At 3rd & Goal, we believe that we are helping wounded soldiers and veterans at a critical point in their lives with a strategic plan to provide them with the aid necessary to become successful.  We hope you will help us in providing housing that assist in the specific needs of these servicemen and women, as they adapt to a drastic change in their lifestyle. Thank you for your support and we hope you will come and score touchdowns with us!

Brady Quinn 3rd & Goal

You can help 3rd and Goal – Veterans Home Aid build better futures for our veterans by contributing in several ways:

  1. Sponsor a “Touchdown” by making a donation and improve the daily life experience for a veteran.
  2. Visit local veterans in your area.
  3. Share the mission of 3rd and Goal on your Twitter and Facebook pages.
  4. Donate services and/ or materials for use in building a homeless shelter and/or granting a “Touchdown.”
  5. Make any financial contribution – every bit helps!
  6. Write letters of appreciation to veterans.
  7. Nominate a veteran who you think might need assistance from 3rd and Goal Foundation.