3rd & Goal Veterans Home Aid | Rian Mohammed
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Rian Mohammed

18 Jul Rian Mohammed

Rian Mohammed entered this country accompanied by her brother, sister and mother with only a few pieces of clothing in their possession. At a young age she was tasked with the duty to help support her family. This led to an opportunity to give back to our country when she decided to join the Navy. Her path provided inspiration for her cousin and sister who serve in the Navy today.

After being honorably discharged, she began to continue her education while working full time at Broward County Elderly & Veteran services division. Her quest to live the American dream was fulfilled this month when she became a first time home buyer thanks to the support of the city of Fort Lauderdale and the 3rd and Goal Foundation. Ria is extremely grateful for the grant and says β€œ last week was one of the best weeks in her life because her dream of home ownership came true.”


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