3rd & Goal Veterans Home Aid | Piqua, OH Home Renovation
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Piqua, OH Home Renovation

22 Mar Piqua, OH Home Renovation

After dealing with years of debilitating injuries from his service, James Usserman needed some home renovations to help make life easier. Following his service in the Navy, James and Connie Usserman married and decided to settle in Piqua, OH.  The couple has been married for 46 years but now has begun to face physical adversities.  James has recently received two knee replacements and Connie is set to receive a pair of her own. This made a home renovation all the more necessary considering the rough road they face ahead. A walk-in shower and moving the laundry room to a portion of their garage become vital for the Usserman’s to remain living in their current home. Once again, Ty “Chopper” Quinn came to the rescue masterfully installing the necessary additions to allow the Usserman to live in greater comfort. Ty and his crew traveled nearly an hour plus back and forth over the course of a month to ensure that the Usserman project was finished before the end of the holidays. Another Touchdown scored by the 3rd & Goal Team.


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