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Ms. Wilson New Home

19 Apr Ms. Wilson New Home

Akron, OH native Nicole Wilson had fallen on some hard times after serving two separate tours of active duty following the events of 9/11.  Ms. Wilson has served in three separate branches of the armed forces and has earned the National Defense Medal twice during her tenure.  While trying to finish her undergraduate education, Ms. Wilson worked the night shift in order to maintain an income.  Her multiple campaigns left her home vacant and vulnerable to damage during the cold winters in Ohio.  Ms. Wilson reached out through Rita Stahl of the Troop & Family Assistance Center.  3&G was able to partner with Ron Krueger of “A Plus Wildlife Control LLC” based in the Akron area and Ed Thomas of “Legacy Roofing.”  3&G would like to thank all parties involved in helping to assist in the efforts to help Ms. Wilson get back to living comfortably in her own home.




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