3rd & Goal Veterans Home Aid | 6th Annual Blue Jacket Golf Outing a hit!
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6th Annual Blue Jacket Golf Outing a hit!

08 Jul 6th Annual Blue Jacket Golf Outing a hit!

Even with an early date and chilly weather, the 6th annual Blue Jacket Golf Outing was one of our most successful to date. The weekend got off without a hitch staring with our local “Tending Bar” event at the Dublin Village Tavern Friday night. Attendees enjoyed their first round on the house while engaging with many of the players they would be playing with and competing against the following day. Proceeds from the nights event totaled nearly $2,000, which was donated to 3&G thanks to the generosity of Tim Picciano and the DVT staff. The Golf Club of Dublin played host to our group for the second year in a row. Even with the in climate weather, all participants had a good time and especially enjoyed the open bar all day long! We want to send a special thanks to all our sponsors who support 3&G and make our gifts possible. A special thanks goes out to the following: “Big” Al McNeer, Buckeye Nissan, Roof Management, City BBQ, 97.1 The Fan, Duskin and Stephens Foundation, Kettle One, Vault Aviation, American Born Moonshine, Wells Fargo David Slates Group, Dublin City Schools, Small Favors Foundation, The Archer Family, ND Club of Columbus, John Becker, Hahn, Loeser & Parks LLP, Short Girl Couture, LaserFlex, USO of Central Ohio and Quinn & Company. These groups provided the support necessary to help provide a spectacular event and raise over $30,000 for our Veterans this year!

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