3rd & Goal – Veterans Home Aid

3rd & Goal – Veterans Home Aid was established by former NFL Quarterback Brady Quinn to make a difference in the lives of our veterans. Brady and his wife Alicia are committed to honoring our nation’s heroes through their work with 3rd & Goal.

3rd & Goal assists veterans facing homelessness and veterans requiring home improvements in order to make their lives more accessible.


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"It's a new organization, but it's a huge cause. 3rd & Goal is doing something we all need to chip in and do. That is, helping our veterans."

− Monica Day, NBC Reporter, Columbus, OH

"3rd & Goal started because there was a need for funding to make homes handicap accessible for those coming back from serving our country."

− Brady Quinn, NFL Quarterback

"For me, as a caregiver, this lifted a burden off of my back."

− Cindy Parsons, Mother of Veteran

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